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Leading the industry leap to the next level. The first HoReCa Revenue Management event in Finland

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8.15am - 5pm
13th September 2022
Clarion Hotel Aviapolis

1.       There are some factors that influence conversion rates. Which factors impact the conversion rates the most?

 Overall, 3 factors influence conversion rate: price, quality/evaluations, and content. If you ask hoteliers, they will always focus initially on the topic of price. That is also why they plow resources into sales and use expensive channel managers. If you keep asking, some will eventually come up with quality/evaluations.

To attract more guests and convince them to book, hotels must have an up-to-date, consistent, and accurate online presence. The higher quality of the content you are able to manage and distribute, the higher your chances are to maximize online visibility for your properties and increase bookings.


2.       The word ‘content’ referred to photos, descriptions of the room, etc. But now we’re seeing a whole new world of content opening up: diverse portals such as Expedia, Google, Kayak, TripAdvisor, Travelport and so on, are selling hundreds of thousands of properties. How do you optimize the distribution of your current hotel data and ensure content parity in all these channels?

 Over 80% of travelers check more than 10 images when looking for a hotel on third-party sites. This means that, while the price is important, customers make purchasing decisions mainly based on images that are easily accessible and attractive. It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Hotels must have an up-to-date, consistent and accurate online presence for their properties, to ensure they offer travelers the ‘virtual view’ from all possible angles. This helps tremendously with a higher rank on search engines. That often requires optimizing the online presence. What can you do as a hotelier, if your distribution systems are not synchronized and manually updating images on every channel is too much work for you? That is why we created GIATA DRIVE, a hotel content solution that enriches, secures and distributes your visual data to a global audience of distribution channels. Through this central image distribution platform, your digital images will be displayed on all your distribution channels and over 21,000 other sales channels across the world, which will bring you additional revenue sources. The more high-quality images you can manage and distribute, the more you can maximize online visibility for your properties and attract more bookings.


3.       What do staff shortages mean for hospitality?

 The excitement of “revenge travel” is dampened by one major issue: staff shortages. As more countries open up to travelers, hotels are discovering they do not have the personnel required to service guests to their normal standards of excellence. This is also a consequence on the shorter lead times - it became increasingly difficult to forecast your occupancy in 3 months or more, due to more last-minute bookings. Do you also don’t have enough staff? Here’s a solution that will free up time for a part of your team members: GIATA DRIVE; it is proven to significantly reduce the time you spend on managing content for your online sales! With GIATA DRIVE, you can easily automate your content updates for online travel portals and other sales systems, sustainably increase your visualization numbers, make your presence consistent across all sales channels and diversify your sales. Moreover, it keeps major OTAs, tour operators, GDS/CRSs, airlines, bed banks and travel agencies up to date with your hotel content descriptions available in 25 languages - saving your staff the effort of doing this manually or going for expensive professional translation services.


4.       What are we seeing now, as we return to normal?

 During the COVID-19 pandemic, historically low occupancy rates and declining revenues have threatened the consistent operational viability of hotels. With the help of the vaccination programs, we have already seen a recovery in demand and it is expected that the level of global hotel reservations will continue to rise. While the demand for leisure tourism is getting stronger, the business travel and MICE markets are still recovering slowly. To adapt and fit to the “new normal”, hoteliers will need to implement innovative solutions and strategies such as investing more in digital technology, rethinking marketing strategy and staying on the lookout for new trends.


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GIATA was founded in 1996 and is a technology company specializing in tourism with its headquarters in Berlin. The company‘s digital products focusing on non-bookable content target over 20,000 customers and partners across more than 70 countries, including hotels, hotel chains, online travel agencies, tour operators, travel agency co-operations, and global distribution systems. More information can be found at Company address GIATA GmbH Schlesische Strasse 26 10997 Berlin