Nordic Revenue Forum

Leading the industry leap to the next level. The first HoReCa Revenue Management event in Finland
Why Nordic Revenue Forum?, Hanna Lak

As an entrepreneur, it is important to maintain professional skills and keep track of what is happening in the industry. At one time, I couldn't find Revenue management, let alone industry technology, discussions on HoReCa, or tourism industry events in Finland, so I participated in industry events abroad.

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Smart Tech to Increase Your Future Sales, Giata

1.       There are some factors that influence conversion rates. Which factors impact the conversion rates the most?

 Overall, 3 factors influence conversion rate: price, quality/evaluations, and content. If you ask hoteliers, they will always focus initially on the topic of price. That is also why they plow resources into sales and use expensive channel managers. If you keep asking, some will eventually come up with quality/evaluations.

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Key Learning from Past and View to the Future of Hospitality, Cristian Boiangiu

1.  What are the key learnings for the industry from covid in your view? 

  • For all the people that were afraid algorithms are taking their jobs, they can relax now – it became very difficult to forecast based on historical data, since the patterns are disturbed in the past 2 and a half years; experts are needed to interpret data more than before
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The Future of Hotels | Insight From Our Team on Where Hospitality is Heading, Profitroom
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