Always learning

The founder of the Nordic Revenue Forum Hanna Lak is one the leading Revenue Management professionals in Finland. She had the privilege to learn about hospitality and revenue management with one of the most innovative hotel companies in the world - the Starwood Hotels & Resorts. Large chains can provide continuous education to employees, which Hanna found crucial for success. Since leaving Starwood Hotels & Resorts (nowadays part of Marriott International) and founding her own company, she has attended industry events abroad.

There are many great events for the industry in Finland like MATKA, Ravintola, and Kongressi, yet  none of these provide focused information on how to run the business from Revenue Management point of view. She started to play with the idea of organising such an event herself and finally at the end of 2017 it was the time to get it off the ground.

The timing is no chance, in 2017 Hanna found out that globally companies have similar challenges and even hotels where there is often a revenue manager they still need knowledge on Total Revenue Management; i.e. how to apply Revenue Management for Restaurant, meetings and other departments.

Why Revenue Forum?

The Nordic Revenue Forum is intended to offer a focused one day of learning and inspiring ideas coupled with great networking opportunities and digital solutions of the 21st century. The event is worth to attend for any hospitality busy business owners and manager. In addition to offering ideas and insight the dedicated forum is an excellent venue to network and meet like-minded colleagues.

The Nordic Revenue Forum aims to be the number one Hospitality business event in Finland complementing the offering of other industry fairs by introducing the latest and tested ideas and solutions to the industry.

The first Nordic Revenue Forum is focused on restaurant and event business owners and managers - an area where there are even few events globally. The second event will focus in Total Revenue Management including Hotels, Restaurants, Meeting & Events, Spas and Activity businesses.